Best Super Nintendo Entertainment System Strategy Games

If you ever had bought Super Nintendo Entertainment System in your childhood, then probably you would have played strategies games. Thinking carefully to comprehend puzzles and fight rivals is a huge amount of fun and there are many options to explore. With so many options to choose from, there was never a deficiency in fans to play this types of genre. Since certain games were far superior to other games, here is the list of best SNES strategy games.

This list will include the most mainstream and top-rated strategy games that were released by Super Nintendo Entertainment System.


The plot follows a god-like being known only as “The Master” (God in the Japanese version) in his battle against Tanzra (Satan in the Japanese version), also known as “The Evil One. In this brilliant and creative game, you switch between former levels of the side-scrolling hack-and-slash plat and city-building simulation levels where you defend townspeople in shooter up fashion by killing arrow monsters from the bow of your flying angel.

When you’ve driven townspeople to devastate all the monster lairs, you can fly in your sky royal residence to the following region where you stage your way through another side-looking over level to open up the following city building segment, and the cycle rehashes Clearly, the graphics—as with most strategy games—are nothing to rave about. The music, in any case, is marvelously great, made by the mind-boggling Yuzo Koshiro.

Jungle Strike

Jungle Strike is a helicopter-based shoot ‘me up, mixing tactics and strategy. The player’s main weapon is a fictionalized Comanche attack helicopter.

There are two antagonists in Jungle Strike: Ibn Kilbaba, the son of the antagonist of Desert Strike, and Carlos Ortega, a notorious South American drug lord.

The starting series portrays the two men looking a nuclear blast on a deserted island even as speaking approximately the conveyance of “nuclear assets” and an assault on Washington D.C.; Kilbaba looks for retribution for his dad’s passing on account of the US, even as Ortega wishes to “teach the Yankees to avoid my medication exchange”.

There’s plenty of shoot ‘me up in this one, but good luck getting far into your missions without pre-planning your attack and carefully controlling your ammunition use. While you’re primarily flying a Comanche attack helicopter, a motorcycle, a hovercraft, and an F-117 Nighthawk will also be piloted. You can also choose your co-pilot to pick up supplies and hostages, whose abilities and skills impact your chain gun speed and winch speed. Amazing scope for an action-packed RTS game like this.


SimCity (SNES) was the first console game in the SimCity series, and one of the launch titles for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

You start by choosing the world terrain you want to build your city on. Then you’re left with a dream and a patch of land. You build your city by choosing from the accessible forms of zones and structures and placing them on the map

A blank map is given to the player (acting as mayor) to begin and has to expand the city with the budget provided. As the city matures, depending on how big the city is, the player may be able to place government as well as other important buildings (such as a capital building or court). The player must provide nutrition, education, security, parks, and leisure services to residents. These come in the form of various buildings, where each building covers a circular service “range.” Insufficient funding for these services may result in strikes.

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