SNES Emulator Android

Super Nintendo entertainment system SNES is a 16-bit video game console and Nintendo has released it in Japan in 1990 and later released in other territories. It was the best and top-selling game console of its era.

Today there are a number of SNES Android Emulators for super Nintendo games. They allow experiencing all of your favorite SNES games on your smartphone. You can play and enjoy all Nintendo games directly to your device with the best SNES emulator for android.

SNES Emulator?

Snes Emulator android apk is free to download application which let you play all of your Nintendo games on your any type of Android device with same excitement level and experience.

There are different types of SNES emulators in the market that comes with various features and pleasant options to customize your style of gameplay. You can adjust graphics, backgrounds, controls, and many inordinate features easily. Some of them are free and others are paid versions.

SNES emulators for android allows gamers to have fun with their favorite classic games like Mario WorldChrono TriggerLegend of ZeldaMario Kart etc. Overall, you can play and experience the fun of 90’s games directly from your android device with the best SNES android emulator without the need of a credit card.

Best SNES emulator for Android:

If you want to start your gaming in android with SNES emulators and don’t know which one is best to download? Below we listed 5 best SNES emulators for you to pick the perfect one which is compatible with your android device:


The great SNES emulator for android, SNES9x EX+, is a top emulator because it allows playing any SNES game in the market. It is a freeware with zero ads and that particular thing make it attractive. It offers several features including on-screen controls, save/play control, support for several types of files and gamepads. Additionally, it also includes an open-source free game “Bio Warm” for you to begin the fun.

Download SNES emulator Android SNES9x EX+


John SNES is also a smart SNES emulator. It is so simple to use and designed perfectly for a pleasant look. Its most awesome feature is it just not allow you to have experience of premium gaming gear but also let you have access to the whole database of cheat codes. With external Bluetooth controller support and ads free environment, it is an ideal SNES emulator for Android.

Download SNES emulator android apk free John SNES


It is the top recommended SNES emulator available in the market. It offers several features and most attractive feature is its interface which is very simple and easy. Just install it and start playing with this super SNES emulator. It also syncs with your account and you can use this application on your Android TV or tablet. So, you can move your game progress from one device to another by using this SNES android emulator.

SNES emulator for android free download SuperRetro16

Free Emulator for SNES

Emulator for SNES is a cool SNES emulator which includes all the basic features like auto-detection, cheat codes, game controller support, and many more. The most powerful thing in this emulator is that it plays all types of classic games of 90’s in a modern and updated way. It has a smart interface having superb graphics, while the sound is also super clear. It also allows you to customize the settings, controls, and gamepad for making a new way to play.

Free SNES emulator android apk download Emulator for SNES

Bottom Line:

The best SNES emulator for android makes you feel like you are really going back in time and offer you the same 90’s experience. The above mentioned SNES emulators are all good and feature-riched emulators. No matter which one of them you’re going to choose but, these all best SNES emulators for android let you pull all your favorite SNES games on your android device.