SNES Emulator PSP

If you remember your old days and want to refresh them, then I have a solution for you. You can enjoy the old Nintendo and SEGA games now on your PSP with the help of the right emulators. Today in this comprehensive guide we are going to unveil the best SNES Emulators PSP which will ultimately help you to refresh your memories of old days.

In order to enjoy the retro-game on your Sony PlayStation Portable, you have to install custom firmware on your PSP. To do so, all you need is to search PSP Custom Firmware together with the model number of your portable Sony PlayStation. The whole process took less than five minutes. Finally, once you found the best and most suitable emulator Download & install it on your PSP. There are thousands of Retro games that you can enjoy once you successfully installed the Retro Game PSP Emulator on your PSP.

Best SNES Emulators PSP 2019

The list of Best SNES Emulators PSP is quite big that’s why choosing the best one is quite difficult. We just have shortlisted and select the best & most demanded SNES Emulators PSP 2019 for you.

SNES9x-Euphoria R5

SNES9x is one of the most successful emulators of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and it is officially developed for Windows. But SNES9x-Euphoria R5 is one of the best SNES Emulator PSP. This emulator is equipped with the best & unique features which actually stand it out among the top rated & paid emulators of PSP. It skips the frames in the least amount and capable to run the games at full speed. There is nothing wrong to say that the SNES9x-Euphoria R5 is one of the most frequently updated and fully featured emulators. 


Another best Emulator to enjoy the classic games on your PSP is the SNES0xTYL. With the help of Super Nintendo Entertainment system 9x TYL you can enjoy almost all the old age games on your PC without any hassles. Just like SNES9x-Euphoria R5 this emulator also featuring the best feature which stands it out among the other Emulators of the same class. Download & install SNES9xTYL to enjoy the Nintendo sports games on your PSP.

How to Install SNES Emulators on your PSP

Here is the complete step by step guide about how can you install SNES Emulators on your PSP. Before proceeding to the process of installation you need following things.

  1. PC/Laptop with working internet connection.
  2. Sony PSP
  3. USB cable to connect PSP with computer.

Step by Step Guide

  1. First of all, you need to download SNES9xTYL from the link we provided below. The file is available in the .zip format. Double click to unzip the files.
  2. Open the extracted folder and copy the directory with the name “S9xTYLmecm”.
  3. Now you need to connect your PSP with the USP port of your PC or laptop. Here you need to navigate to the systems and select the USB connection.
  4. Now you need to open the root folder of your Sony PlayStation Portable. It is called memory Stick, external drive or PSP.
  5. Now you have to open the Game directory within the PSP folder.
  6. Here you need to paste the SNES Emulator PSP. Once you paste it double click the directory S9xTYLmecm in order to enter it.
  7. Now you need to add the ROM files for the Emulators in the S9xTYLmecm directory. You can easily download the ROMs available for SNES Emulators.
  8. Now you need to remove your PSP. Reset the console and have to select the SNES0xTYL from the system’s “Game” in order to launch the Emulator.